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Coffee With A Nod to Madchester

They say that you never really appreciate what you had until it’s gone, Madchester.  Alternative pop as it was known was just the best time to be around, really good toe tappers and floor fillers were in abundance. Classic tunes everywhere, new looks and local lads done good. Manchester back in the late 80’s into […]

Water quality in Coffee making

Water flowing out of a kitchen stainless steel tap into the sink. Wasting water by leaving a chrome faucet tap running. Overusing household water. Water misuse in domestic duties and activities. (Water flowing out of a kitchen stainless steel tap into How important is water quality in coffee making? Well, if you live in a […]

Coffee Grinders

If you take a look over the previous coffee blogs you will see that I really do favour the ritual of making coffee at home. Yes, the pod system is very convenient and really takes the pressure off having to have any coffee knowledge. But we just cannot help loving the idea of taking a […]