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Coffee With A Nod to Madchester

They say that you never really appreciate what you had until it’s gone, Madchester.  Alternative pop as it was known was just the best time to be around, really good toe tappers and floor fillers were in abundance. Classic tunes everywhere, new looks and local lads done good. Manchester back in the late 80’s into the 90’s was a great place to be, not just the Hacienda, Stone Roses, Inspirals, Happy Mondays and Oasis, there was great food and drink coming through and as part of that, here at Java Coffee, we were just starting out as one of the first independent coffee shops in the area to rival your Starbucks and Costas that new festoon the town on every corner.

Many times, in our house we kick back and put the music on and my kids, grown up kids, have pointed out that their generation have nothing like the musical heritage that we grew up with. I asked them to explain? They said that they could not see themselves doing the same thing with their grown-up kids, kicking back and playing music from their youth. They said that we can hardly reminisce on bad ass rap and plastic pop that just does not warrant playing again. We prefer your music it seems to make you smile and yeah you do the dad dance when you’ve had a few, cheers son.

So, what we may lack in musical throngs we more than make up for with our coffee ranges, you need to check out our stunning artisan coffees for sale for businesses and for your home.

Our Kid is a specially roasted coffee that you’ll come back to again and again!

So, we created Our Kid Coffee, a coffee with the swagger and attitude of Madchester. It’s a belting coffee in its own right but look on it as a throwback to Madchester and that era of yeah, “your twisting my melon man.” Av it our kid!