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Coffee bags, why you will never have to apologise again for serving bad coffee.

Coffee bags just what is the point, I mean come on, coffee in a tea bag! That was my initial response to coffee bags, I just didn’t get it at all. That was until I stayed in a little B & B about a year ago. All the usual choices were available in my room. Tea, instant coffee and hot chocolate, and a coffee bag. Well, I looked at it with disdain, I will not like it, I thought, and I will not make it, I want a proper coffee.

coffee bags

Rewind, what was I thinking it was either instant or give this bogus coffee bag a whirl. I’ll give it a go. Well hey hey the aroma was pretty good, I waited and did the tea bag thing added milk and sipped.

Not bad, in fact way better than I expected and pleasant. In fact I was impressed! Obviously, I was not getting a latte or an espresso but this was a good long hot coffee, I found myself wanting another one.

I am now a convert, I like coffee bags and we now sell them as our easy blend. Easy to make and easy to drink, and easy to have in your cupboard as well. If your not a coffee drinker I’d recommend have some coffee bags in. Way better than instant and a genuine coffee drink, you won’t find yourself apologising for serving instant ever again. Your guests will be impressed.

Great for the office too you can produce a good coffee instantly not just instant coffee. Save yourself a small fortune on an office coffee machine, save the planet our bags are suitable for composting.

Give coffee bags a chance I think you will be pleasantly surprised.