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Water quality in Coffee making

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How important is water quality in coffee making? Well, if you live in a hard water area very important. Not only will hard water effect the taste of your coffee it will leave deposits in your coffee maker and break it.


Water Quality


Hard water is formed when ground water percolates through chalk, limestone or gypsum. There is nothing wrong in drinking hard water per se but hard water will leave deposits in equipment and eventually clog up the boiler or water pipes.

Soft water on the other hand has either percolated through sandstone or been filtered and or treated. Soft water poses no threat to your coffee maker.
So how do you get soft water, simple you filter it. There are many types and methods some costing thousands but essentially a simple home filter will suffice for coffee making.
It’s really down to you but if you have invested in one of the super new bean to cup machines then I would definitely only use filtered water.