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Tasting Notes and Recommendation For Each Method

Rich dark chocolate with a hint of blackberry, strong robust and delicious on the palette. We have used this blend in our coffee shops for the last 25 years, and it is extremely popular. Whether you’re looking for that caffeine kick in the morning or to simply kick back and relax this blend has it all.

coffee tasting recommendations

Our beans are suitable for all methods of coffee making, bean to cup, moka pot, cafeteire and filter. If you don’t have your own grinder then we have pre ground for cafetiere and pre ground espresso grind for coffee machines or filter.

All of our packs come in the new box bag, it won’t fall over in your cupboard, with re-sealable top. Just press to re-seal and keep your coffee fresh. Top tip is to pre warm your cup before use. A cold cup kills coffee, this makes all the difference and will add 10% to your experience.

Beans are suitable for any machine, especially bean to cup, or any method as long as you have your own grinder. Fresh ground adds at least 15% to the taste and the aroma is amazing.

Cafetière Grind is suitable just for cafetière and French press. A good strong taste with good acidity great for after dinner or with cake.

Espresso Grind is suitable for your home coffee machine, something like a gaggia, remember to tamp the coffee. Espresso grind is also perfect for stove top moka’s, delicious. You can also use the espresso grind in a filter.