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Our coffee and hot chocolate brings in repeat business.

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After running coffee shops for over 25 years we know that our unique Java Coffee Shop blend works. Again and again we see repeat business which can only come from such a reliable blend. Andy Olive & Pickle coffee shop Holingworth lake.

From day one our customers make a bee line for us, even though there are several other coffee shop along the lake. The coffee is great and the hot chocolate has been a very profitable addition over the winter months.

We supply the littlest coffee kiosks to the busiest restaurants often shaving up £5.00 per kilo off their current price per kilo. Proof of current price needed. Java Coffee Shop Coffee is a boutique blend that is robust and well used to staff or machine abuse.

Your machine is not he best or your staff are having a bad day? We know that our blend will stand up and still produce a good reliable coffee. Work to some simple coffee making principles and this blend will shine and the holy grail of regular repeatable business is yours. contact us now.

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